Sharing to evolve

We at Modulblok look to the future with versatility and transparency, sharing our knowledge and collaborating with other companies in the industry in order to grow together and constantly provide the best to the logistics market, because quality is also expressed through solutions.

  • Member of the UNI Italian Unification Body

    Modulblok is a UNI member so as to be able to contribute to the drafting of UNI standards, in accordance with the rules of consensus, democracy, transparency and voluntary membership on which the standardisation activity is based.

  • UNICMI - National Union of Metallic Construction Industries

    Modulblok is a member of the UNICMI and collaborates in the various Working Groups dealing with technical design and organisational rules, based on which sizing and production criteria are set for industrial racking, in order to increase their quality and safety in all types of production plant.

  • AISEM Associazione Italiana Sistemi di Sollevamento, Elevazione e Movimentazione)

    Modulblok is part of the AISEM (Italian Association of Lifting, Elevation and Handling Systems), federated ANIMA (Federation of National Associations of Mechanical Engineering, Varia and Affine). AISEM, an association committed to the service of equipment manufacturers for lifting and transporting materials, aims to examine and solve the specific problems of the category, protecting its interests both nationally and internationally.
    AISEM has been officially recognized by the FEM (Federation Europeen de la Manutention) and represents, to all intents and purposes, the Italian National Committee. For over 50 years, the FEM has brought together the most prestigious European manufacturers in the sector and was among the first organizations in Europe to produce technical recommendations for the construction of machines, becoming one of the main interlocutors of CEN (European Committee for Standardization) for processing of specific regulations.
    ANIMA protects the interests of the mechanical industry in general, represents and promotes companies and products in Italy and abroad, supports its members with regard to technical and economic problems and is therefore the main reference at national and international level for Italian companies of mechanics varies.