Modul life also on RAI

Publication date 12 - 05 - 2016
RAI dedicates a full coverage to the Modul Life project. We at Modulblok, have always considered it a priority and our specific prerogative to put people at the centre of our activities. With Modul Life, today we are taking a step closer with our collaborators, through a real path, to knowledge.

Modul Life is the new Modulblok training project, designed in collaboration with the Department of Humanities at the University of Trieste.

The workplace must always be an opportunity for continuous learning, updating and evolution. In Modulblok, learning is not only functional and technical, but also introspective, for personal growth, not to become more capable, but to be more humanly aware through culture.

This initiative has obtained success, participation and enthusiasm far beyond any expectation.

For this reason, in addition to newspapers, RAI has also wanted to dedicate a full coverage to us. Modulblok's example is generating a wide interest in the dissemination and sharing of culture. An experience that had been put in place many years ago by Olivetti, a great industrialist of undisputed foresight.